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Step 1. Install our chat module.
Step 2.
Your users can now chat with any wallets.

  • ✅   Customizable colors
  • ✅   End-to-end encryption
  • ✅   Emojis, images, all the fun stuff...
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Let your users create online identity
with style and ease.

  • ✅   See top followers
  • ✅   Share profile with one button
  • ✅   See what Dapps are your friends using
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coming soon

Create and explore
conversations based on hot
topics and interests.

  • ✅   Add reviews to Dapps
  • ✅   Create and join threads based on interests
  • ✅   DAO integration for making proposals
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Built for developers
with 🖤

beoble is built by devs who believe in the
power of decentralised socials. We obsess
over API ease of use and provide extensive
tutorials for both feeds and chat.

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Next steps

Unsure whether your app needs to go social?
Have more questions? Want to request
features? Planning to integrate our social
module but don't know where to start? Keep in
touch with us on telegram, or fill in our
partnership form, let's connect :)